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The Cento Carnival of Europe parades through the picturesque historical centre of the city of Cento, where splendid papier-mâché creatures put on their show of masks and costumed groups in a truly unique setting, that of Piazza Guercino. Every Sunday during Carnival, from 2 to 6:30 pm, Corso del Guercino and its square will be a veritable riot of masks, colours, animation, music and dance to help celebrate to the full the ‘craziest party of the year’.

The last Sunday of the carnival calendar will be the grand finale which will include the announcement and award ceremony for the winning float, the traditional testament and, in Piazzale della Rocca, the striking bonfire of Tasi, a traditional mask from Cento, ending with the enthralling pyro-musical show that closes the carnival in style. In addition to the stunning parade in Corso Guercino, the public can watch the show from the central stage of Piazza Guercino, with wild music groups, famous testimonials but above all the warm and colourful group of Brazilian dancers and percussionists, to cement the historic twinning with the famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the carnival show in the parade and on the stage of Piazza Guercino, the Cento Carnival of Europe is also enriched by other events that offer tourists many attractive touristic and cultural activities. From sporting events, to food and wine promotions, from art to dance, from educational meetings to cultural aperitifs, there will be so many options that those who decide to go to Cento for the carnival can choose to spend the holiday weekend in the best possible way and get a taste of what this pleasure-filled land has to offer all year round.

For the 2018 edition, the first-class parade floats will be, according to the ranking from the 2017 edition: the current champions ‘I ragazzi del Guercino’ (The Guercino Boys), continuing with ‘I Toponi’ (The Rats), ‘I Fantasti100’, ‘Il Risveglio’ (The Awakening) and finally ‘Mazalora’.


Every Sunday when there is a parade, in addition to the incredible spectacle of the papier-mâché giants and their marvellous choreography, there will be many national and international testimonials.

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