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Art Of Living


The bridal scene witnesses the emergence of remarkable fashions every year, but also great changes, with regard to both wedding dress trends and the organisation of weddings down to every last detail, including place cards! Every year, in fact, we discover many innovations that will certainly contribute to the success of your wedding.

Here are 10 ideas that will make your wedding an unforgettable experience for your guests and ensure that the reception will be talked about long after the event! Many will tell you about their own experiences when they know you are going to get married: work colleagues, friends, even neighbours, but you need not listen to their advice... because they are ideas from the past, this is the future!

The romantic bride

The first thing a woman thinks about when she imagines her marriage is the outfit she will wear; the wedding dress is a detail of fundamental importance, and the collections for 2018 will spoil you for choice. Romantic wedding dresses, full of special and exclusive details, are extremely trendy this year. The era of baroque style is giving way to simpler outfits that emphasise the use of fine fabrics.

Coloured shoes

More and more brides are choosing coloured shoes: sophisticated and stylish, they can be worn on other occasions and special events! Whether they are velvet, high-heeled sandals, studded, patent leather or suede, colour shoes are becoming a definite trend!

Hairstyles with soft lines

A romantic wedding dress goes perfectly with a beautiful, natural hairstyle: because hair without tons of spray always goes down well. For 2018, natural hairstyles win over all others: they’re elegant and comfortable, with endless choices ranging from soft braids to wavy tails that can be decorated with floral crowns or bright accessories.

Open-air weddings

The location of a wedding makes all the difference, and this won’t change in 2018. The trend will be towards outdoor ceremonies but also banquets, the nature of which will take centre stage. A few decorations will help to enhance the natural beauty of the venue, to make the atmosphere even more romantic and welcoming.

Flowers as a key feature

No wedding decorations are complete without flowers playing a prominent role. Flowers are synonymous with joy, colour, life and celebration, and for this reason, they will always be trendy. Colourful wedding bouquets, flowers for the ceremony, for the centrepieces, the hanging decorations and so on and so forth!

The wedding cake as a work of art

With cakes full of layers of cream and meringue now seen as outdated, it's time for different cakes, with a thousand different styles, original but at the same time delicious. Wedding cakes are transformed into veritable paintings upon flowers and landscapes are painted: the famous watercolour cake.

The look of the groom: goodbye, hipsters

As for the look of the groom: goodbye hipster, hello Yuccie! With a long beard or a checked shirt, the bridegroom of 2018 should have an elegant and slightly intellectual look, maybe wearing eyeglasses and probably a black tuxedo, breaking every rule dictated by etiquette to date.

Wedding bag

One nice idea is to give a wedding bag to each guest on entering the reception: the welcome wedding bag! You can then create a bag that contains some essential items to have throughout the day. If the wedding is being held during the summer on a hot day, you can put a fan, a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of thermal water to spray on your face if necessary. For an autumn or winter wedding, choose practical items such as a mini umbrella (in case of rain), a hand warmer or gloves, and why not a shawl or a small blanket as well?

Special colours

Blooming Dahlia is a colour with an evocative charm which is very fashionable for weddings in 2018. This shade is notable for its delicacy and sobriety, taking us back to childhood in an introspective way. It’s ideal for weddings held in any season.

For those who love white, taupe and light grey and are looking for elegance in every detail, they can be combined with decorations in glass, crystal with gold, bronze or silver shades to create a perfect golden touch.

Social weddings

Finally, if you’re getting married in 2018, your wedding will be a super-connected and above all super-social event! Every moment should be recorded for posterity and immediately “posted” to Instagram with a suitable hashtag, leaving nothing out!


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