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Spring: some wellbeing advice

We have some small tricks to keep you healthy with the arrival of spring - simple and useful tips to give the body a burst of energy and vitality in the season where nature comes alive in an explosion of aromas and colours.

Below you will find a quintet of perfect suggestions, ranging from diet to sport to little beauty tips. If one of the side effects of the new season is tiredness, often accompanied by fatigue and a lack of motivation, then bring to the table the greatest allies our Mediterranean diet offers us. In particular, we advise choosing light foods and having small and frequent meals, where fruit and vegetables reign supreme. Avoid excessive condiments and heavy cooking, such as frying. Whole grains, such as spelt and barley, oily fish and white meat are highly recommended.

In spring, one of the imperatives is to detoxify to regenerate: get rid of toxins, waste, stress, minor and major worries, not to mention those few extra kilos piled on during the winter. To do so, take your pick from nature’s thousand different little helpers - natural remedies with detoxifying and cleansing properties, such as fennel or cucumber, for example, perfect as the stars of infusions and decoctions that can even be sipped cold during the day. Get moving to fight off tiredness and laziness.

Physical activity, in all its forms and expressions, is the key to stimulating the production of endorphins, precious substances that give the whole organism, including the psyche, a blast of energy and vitality.
So whatever your preference or inclination, be it cycling or jogging, swimming or pilates, give sport the green light.
Even if the tiredness typical of the spring season leaves you tempted to lounge on the sofa, make the most of your free time and get out and immerse yourself in nature, delighting fully in all its wonderful smells and colours.
A walk surrounded by greenery or an out-of-town picnic at the weekend in the midst of mountains and flowery meadows can prove a real panacea to improve your mood and boost energy levels.

To guarantee a good dose of health and well-being, always remember never to neglect beauty. And by beauty we especially mean skin and hair. For the skin, our advice is to nourish and cleanse it thoroughly with peeling treatments and moisturisers. As for hair, focus on strategic cuts to eliminate split ends and on strengthening treatments, such as those based on keratin.

And now that spring has finally arrived, why not give yourself a little treat?

Within its walls, the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni offers everything necessary to follow all these wellness tips to the letter... An example of a weekend for a quick remise en forme: a two-night stay, a wonderful massage at the hotel's spa, a stroll in the villa’s lush park, and to conclude, a top-notch dinner at the Mistral or the Goletta, the hotel's two restaurants, forever meticulous in their choice of menus and raw materials.

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