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All the benefits of the sun

Summer has arrived and we want sun, relaxation and entertainment.
We need to take our minds off work and daily commitments, and holidays, as you know, help us to put our worries and hectic lives to one side.
On holiday, however, we can also refresh our bodies (as well as our minds), and we have a powerful ally: the sun.
Although exposure to the sun, whether at sea or on the lake, requires protection with a good sun cream to prevent sunburn and wrinkled skin, heliotherapy is a true cure-all for many reasons.

Here are some of them:

- Muscle relaxation: After only 30 minutes of sun exposure, you start feel more relaxed and relaxed - and you’re not just imagining it! Your musculature will genuinely become less "tense" and all movements will seem easier.

- Bone well-being: sun exposure activates the metabolism of vitamin D, which is also responsible for the health of our bones. After a short period of sun exposure, vitamin D (activated by UV-B rays) strengthens the bones and at the same time makes them more elastic and less brittle.

- mood: our moods are always underestimated but very important. A survey by the University of Cambridge, in fact, shows that exposure to the sun is a sort of primitive need of human beings, who "tolerate" the cold winter months and enjoys spring and summer (the seasons with
the most sunshine). And even without scientific research, you're surely better off under the sun than in the office....

- the therapeutic power of the yellow colour: according to the principles of chromotherapy, the colours yellow and orange are symbols and stimuli for inner strength, and can help to fight anxiety, sadness and apathy.
In short, there are many reasons to take a few days to enjoy the summer sun, and even those who prefer coolness should remember that the sun can also be enjoyed in the water, maybe swimming in the pool, the sea or the lake ... just remember to put a waterproof sunscreen!

So... enjoy the sun, everyone!

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