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To Bellagio for a scarf

The scarf - an accessory that’s classic and timeless, yet more contemporary than ever. For summer 2018, it’s become an essential trend to show off on the beach, but that’s not all.
A valid alternative to hats, bands and bandanas of all kinds, a scarf worn in the hair adds a boho chic touch to outfits, one both sporty and elegant, and at the same time recalls the dive style of the past that combined it with dark maxi sunglasses.

How can you wear it for the summer? How about a triangle knotted  under the chin for a sophisticated look, or behind the neck pirate-style, for a touch halfway between rock and casual? Furthermore, it can be wrapped around itself like a towel, replacing the more traditional hair band, and it’s even better if combined with a ponytail.

Finally, for a truly sophisticated look, it can be worn as a ring around the head, resting on the forehead.

But in summer 2018, the scarf will truly come to prominence as more than just an accessory. In recent years, lady-like style has indeed been greatly appreciated, with the iconic square of silk used mainly for tying to bags: the real novelty of this summer will be dress scarves, reinterpreted by designers into highly original versions.

We cannot fail to mention Versace, who has drawn on historical scarves designed by Gianni to create micro-blouses which can be worn combined with printed leggings and kimono jackets, to wear on a swimsuit or even in the city.

For Dolce & Gabbana, the scarf dress of summer 2018 recalls Sicilian hand-painted earthenware, with its bright tones and baroque curls.

Hermès, a French fashion house with scarves in its DNA, has adapted the classic theme of saddlery with unexpected trendy colours, on long shirts and wide matching trousers.

And it is Lake Como that shelters the most famous silk factories in the world, which as well as manufacturing for famous fashion houses, also manufacture for small boutiques that can be found in the streets of the cities on Lake Como.

So why not take a small holiday on the simple pretext of buying abeautiful scarf?

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