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Knowing how to sleep to improve yourselves

Villa Serbelloni boasts a centuries-old experience in the care of its guests’ night rest.
But today science reveals that a good sleep goes beyond physical wellness: it helps to improve one’s intellectual and professional performance.

An increasing number of scientific studies show that the loss of sleep impacts heavily on the well-being of our mind / body system, not only physically but also mentally.
It is during the night, in fact, that the brain stores up to the 80% of new information, compared to the 40% which is able to assimilate in the morning.



For those who hold an important working role, for those who have to be mentally brilliant, for those who study or are following new business projects, good rest also means better professional prowess and better memory.Indeed, two research studies performed by the University of Washington and Wisconsin have proved that brain becomes more efficient through sleep.

Why? During the day, the brain has to elaborate an impressive amount of information: about 11 million per second! Each input, each reasoning, each learning stimulates the brain cells, enhancing the nerve endings that extend and connect - through synapses - with other neurons, up to create a dense network that requires nourishment (protein, fat) and large expenditure of energy. At night, instead, while we rest, all useless data are “thinned out”.
The brain re-elaborates, selects and maintains only relevant information, discarding all that is useless, and reorganizes the network of neurons preparing to be effective the next day.

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