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If sweetness is the vacation at the lake leitmotif, at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, where food, fitness and nature combine to ensure the physical well-being will benefit those who need to lose weight.

Gone are the days of sacrifice and effort! Several studies have proven that exceeding the caloric reduction and physical activity does not help to lose weight. Rather, only by combining not punitive  but calibrated nutrition to moderate exercise you can get a stable weight reduction.

Scientific studies conducted in the US by nutritionist Lyn-Genet Recitas, author of the best seller 'The Plan, anti diet to lose weight by eating the right foods for you', revealed that those who sweat in the gym every day give his body this message: burn more calories as possible, because you have to manage a large energy consumption!

It was established that the people who train six times a week lose weight at a slower rate of 25% of those who are not sports “fanatic”. The goal is then moderation and 'sweetness'! But how to do this? Doing physical activity no more than 4 times a week and considering that the training that gives better and quickly results (after only 2 weeks) is in the pool - or the sea or the lake when the weather permits - it enhances the work muscle exploiting the water's resistance.



The other two ingredients of remise en forme more effective are the contact with nature and healthy cooking. In the park of the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, avenues and paths between trees, conifers, camellias and banana trees offer an environment energetically extraordinary for a easy morning walk! While lightness and pleasure are reconciled in the recipes of starred chef Ettore Bocchia, that in Mistral restaurant serves the delicious results of the collaboration with Davide Cassi, Matter Physics professor at the University of Parma.

Thanks to the scientific analysis of what "happens in the pot" during the process of cooking, cooling, and pairing of ingredients, traditional dishes become lighter and new creations combine lightness with flavor!

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