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Misleading clues: the programs that promise thinness in few days always hide disillusion.

Holiday, time to get back in shape. Immerse yourself in nature, slow down and reconcile yourselves to favor the rebalancing of the mind-body system and weight loss. But without unrealistic expectations.

The promises of rapid weight loss, in fact, may be misleading clues that, in many spa,  deceive the guest, who therefore thinks he can solve the problem of overweight in a few days.

"It is scientifically and ethically wrong to promise considerable reductions in weight in a few days," says Dr. Dusia Bucher, biologist and head of the spa at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni.

If it is true, in fact, that you  just have to cross out pasta, rice and bread from the menu to lose up to 4 pounds in a week, the loss will be more fluid than fat and, as soon as you get back to your normal regime, you will gain weight again.

The physiology of our body in fact is set to lose half pound or a max of one pound of fat a week, allowing the brain to register this change if we want it to be stable. So haste is, in fact, the enemy of weight loss.

"Of course it is easier to meet the expectations of many customers with an immediate and temporary weight loss" continues the expert, "but if you want to be honest and not sell soap bubbles we have to put it bluntly. "What can we do then in the short time of a holiday? "We can pursue the utmost possible wellness with a program of holistic treatments in order to achieve a state of pleasure and relax that automatically will help you restore that psycho-physical balance that beneficially affects also weight control.

If we are calm, serene and not anxious, the psychological hunger will easily disappear, and we will eat less, not by coercion but because we live in a state of greater fulfillment. "

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