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Many celebrities turn the page: they prefer a natural look rather than a makeover. Beauty turns out to be a holistic concept that doesn’t differentiate body and mind anymore.

Smoothing a wrinkle or fattening up the face volumes is not enough: today, after the mess caused by certain cosmetic medicine, the male and female trend goes towards naturalness.

We have seen too many faces disfigured by an anachronistic race to 'youth' that has also disastrously changed the traits of many show business personalities.


So, without taking anything away from medical aesthetic research and good plastic surgery, there is a return to a more natural and holistic conception of beauty.

And this trend is followed also by many celebrities, such as Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow and Susan Sarandon.


But what does 'holistic' mean nowadays?

"It means thinking that our body is connected with our soul" replies Dr. Dusia Bucher, biologist, director of the spa at Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio.

“If formerly we made  attempts and assumptions, today science has shown that our emotions, physical sensations and thoughts lead to a cascade of biochemical reactions that change us physically, for example by influencing the energy metabolism and the skin functionality. A path of beauty cannot exclude these realities. "

In practice, how the treatment programs change? "By putting more care in their sensory component, for example, and by using the science of flavors to make even a simple massage an experience of great emotional well-being. The other important element is the use of ecodermocompatible products, based on active ingredients obtained from plants  that respect the skin."

Are the results obtained still good even at the outer level?

"Sure! A facial treatment in a cabin never fills wrinkles as a filler session, but the result that you get goes beyond the single wrinkle and covers the entire face. Furthermore the effectiveness depends on the quality and the concentration of active ingredients.

We use high-tech cosmetics – based on colostrum, placenta and seaweed - and our serums have a particularly high concentration of active ingredients: 20% compared to an average of 8%. "

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