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Full Performance to then collapse. To avoid it rediscover the art of break. And carve out a day all for you.

How many times the strain makes us say 'Come on, stop! You need to recharge! 'But we go forward undismayed, focused only on our purposes? In the society of doing, producing and performing, rest has become something optional. And, like all habits, we are strongly dependent to living at accelerated rhythms.

So our free time is full of commitments: the gym in the midday break, the unmissable happy hour after work and, in the weekend, the infamous outings that rise the dose of midweek traffic.

For this, according to statistics, in the West we are more and more tired and last year, in Italy, 250,000 people suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome.

An army of workaholic who do not know how to stop and rest even when they collapse on the couch, holding the indispensable device. Indeed, the use of phone and tablet doesn’t allow us to relax our mind, as well as TV, that dazes without recharging batteries since it stimulates the nerve centers.

In order not to get to the crash, according to psychologists we need to rediscover the art of break, trying to understand which the limit is and respect it, without doing anything that requires the achievement of a goal or the measurement of a result. To come to that, the first step is to legitimize the effort, recognizing the need for relaxation after each effort.

In many American companies, for example, every two hours of work are scheduled 20 minutes of relaxation: it is part of the process of wellbeing that makes the individual better performing.

Another good habit is to take, sometimes, a whole day in which to be pampered without thinking about anything except the well-being of your body. 
At the Beauty Sensation Spa of Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni there is the 'Beauty Day', with a deep cleansing of the skin, a purification and remineralizing treatment for your  body, a soothing massage and a balanced meal.In addition to the free use of swimming pool, gym, sauna and Turkish bath. All in the peaceful surroundings of the lake

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