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The hot summer has put into the foreground our need for water. Here are 10 things to know about it.

1) Rehydrating is a need not only when the mercury is rising. Of course, when the temperature rises, we  have to replenish the fluid losses due to perspiration, but even when we do not feel hot or we are not thirsty, rehydratation is important for health, physical and mental prowess.

2) Who plays sports should drink at regular intervals to replenish losses due to perspiration and prevent the rise of the internal temperature.

3) Water is used to develop and maintain muscle mass, consisting of 75% liquids. If you want toned muscles, drink oligomineral water!

4) If the joints creak maybe you do not drink enough:  water, in fact, maintains proper joint lubrication.

5) We should drink even when it's cold and we are not thirsty. In the mountains, above 2500 meters, the respiratory rate increases, with a consequent increase in the losses of water from the body.


6) When you breathe you normally lose between 250 and 350 milliliters of water per day.

7) Water helps to keep solid the tissues, giving them shape and firmness.

8) Proper hydration also serves to maintain wet the surfaces of the nose, eyes and ears, reducing the risk of respiratory diseases in the change of season.                                                                                                       

9) Water is the main factor for a bright and young skin. If your face is gray and prematurely aged, drink more.

10) If water balance is in default, the physical strength and mental prowess decrease.

For a good concentration, keep a bottle of water on the desk. And drink at regular intervals.

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