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Art Of Living

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Art Of Living


Lady luck has good sight! Success, in fact, smiles to those who decide to have it, with mind and heart.

The book that inspired Bill Gates to the creation of Microsoft was called Think And Grow Rich, written by Napoleon Hill, the creator of the 'Philosophy of Success'.

It collected more than 500 interviews with the most rich and famous people of the first 900, from Thomas Edison to John Rockefeller to Roosevelt, and still remains the Bible which inspires all the personal development coaches. Here is a summary in 7 easy steps.

  1. Establish purposes correctly –The first step is to clarify what you want by writing it in a notebook in the most specific and detailed  possible way. Who, for example, wants economic improvement, should express it in a purposeful way, without ever using the word NOT, specifying the times and measures (for example, I want to earn € 100,000 by 25 December 2015).
  2. Always having a clear goal –It is useful to re-read the list of goals every morning and then spend 10 minutes on this exercise of creative visualization: close your eyes and imagine to already enjoy the desired results, reviewing the olfactory, visual, auditory and tactile emotions associated with that state of satisfaction. The more the visualization is similar to reality (and therefore rich in sensory perceptions with the vision of colors, the listening of sounds, the perception of smells ...), the greater is the possibility for the former to turn into the latter."Imagination "said Einstein "is the prediction of what you will attract into your life".
  3. Align desires and values - Before putting into writing the purposes, we must understand if they are aligned with our existential values. Are you sure they will impact positively on your way of life? If not, try to find out what you really want.


  1. Have confidence in the events –Do not judge what happens. Instead of labeling an experience as good or bad, the key is to find the nice side of it. In this way you turn the present into a magnet of positivity for the future.
  2. Think in focus –Think as if you had already reached your goals and always keep under control your mind. Most people overthink what they do not tolerate, but this way of thinking shifts the focus in the direction opposite to that desired. It is therefore important to become observers of one’s own thoughts and get used to change the registry as often as you realize you are thinking negative.
  3. Act to the purpose – Well formulated thinking should be followed by a targeted action. Where's the next thing you are about to do taking you? Towards your goal or elsewhere? Use this filter before making any decision. And get busy.
  4. Create emotional detachment –Once the goals are clarified and the attractive energy is created, the last ingredient of the recipe is the emotional detachment.
    What does it mean? Move towards your goal without depending on it.
    If we say to our brain 'I want this' and then we detach from it, leaving to it the task of making us understand how to get it, we will get information in the form of insights. And everything will be much easier.

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