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Season change can be a critical moment. Or an opportunity to detoxify your body, making it work as best it can.

At home, the purification strategies start from simple gestures, repeated daily:drink a glass of oligomineral water with lemon juice every morning at least 15 minutes before breakfast; give up meat, cheese and bakery products (bread, melba toast, cookies, pizza ...) for at least a week; replace all snacks and drinks with blended fruit and vegetables or seasonal fruit; eat boiled rice instead of pasta and, as a side dish, prefer vegetables with bitter taste (radicchio, chicory, artichokes, cardoons ...) that help the liver to cleanse the blood.

The idea is to complete this strategy by taking for a couple of months supplements of detoxifying  active ingredients such as plant extracts of artichoke and milk thistle, for example, that protect and stimulate liver function.

The process of purification is also helped by balneotherapy with essential oils.
Dissolve 5-10 drops of essential oil of bergamot and lavender (or cardamom and cinnamon) in a tablespoon of honey, pour it in the water brought to a temperature of 39-40 ° and take a bath of at least 20 minutes, inhaling deeply the scents carried in the air with beneficial microdroplets of steam.

Finally, the ultimate is treat yourself to a stay at a spa to undergo massages that detoxify the skin and internal organs (such as the Purifying Ritual of the Beauty Spa Sensation), follow a program of balanced diet and be pampered by experts of remise en forms.

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