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Art Of Living


The world of luxury cars and supercars is always controlled by big brands that impose their own standards of beauty and performance to all the brands that aim for manufacturing cars of the highest level.

But the supercar performance, on the roads of Lake Como, are quite unnecessary because, on those winding asphalt strips, often dating back to more than fifty years ago, the driving fun and satisfaction do not depend on the horsepower or by the maximum torque (often we do not even know exactly what it is, editor’s note) but on the emotions that the car gives us.

They call it "soul" or, to paraphrase what said a famous brand of Italian cars, "heart".

Right on the roads of Lake Como we crossed the "beautiful with soul" and that's what we think about them.

BMW M4 Coupé

Many have the perception that the BMWs are cold high-performance cars, precise and mechanically perfect, but very often soulless and just as often too managed by sophisticated electronic devices that leave the driver little hope of fun. In some cases it may be true but M4 seems out of this scheme.

Maybe because it is a true coupe, that reminds the track but also traveling on the roads of the world without worries; maybe for the engine that generates more than 400 hp (that still are useful and are “felt”) or maybe for the driving mode that seems to be designed to fully enjoy the roads bordering the lake, it is is pure fun even for not very experienced “riders". The style is sporty, almost away from the concept of luxury that we all expect; the interiors, sporty but elegant sports are really a surprise



If with BMW we had on our hands a young and agile coupe, with XJ we pass to a totally different category. From coupe to sedan ... fast and charming, but still sedan.

With 240 HP (the less powerful model), it is certainly not comparable to other cars that look just to performance but the versatility and agility (especially in the short wheelbase model) make it a more than excellent compromise for all those looking for a satisfactory elegant car. In the turns it is fast, accurate and changes of trajectory are much more precise compared to competitors. The interior, in perfect Jaguar style, are elegant and refined but modern and ergonomic. Less horsepower compared to others, but really a big "soul"!


Porsche Boxster

Again we know we have a lone voice. Porsche supercars are surely others. Porsche Boxster is considered the car “for everyone”, maybe for the low price or the limited horsepower, it isn’t certainly a racing type (little more than 260 hp.). Yet, thanks to the fact that, if you want, you can just have the sky above your head and that it seems to be born for both the lakeside and mountain roads, all the characteristics that make it "small" make it however a champion of soul. The mid-engine makes it well balanced on twisty roads where pickup and handling are more important than speed. Interior are those that Porsche fan look for, therefore ... who could ask for more?

Audi A5 Cabriolet

You are spoiled for choice between sporty or luxury Audi cars but, since for us is also a matter of style, we have focused on half of the range proposed by the car company and, more precisely, on the Convertible A5.

Convertible because the lake is beautiful with the wind in your hair and A5 because we are certainly pleased that our convertible also has a sinuous and sporty shape!

The models range from 150 to 272 hp, but "intermediate" versions from 177 to 190 hp guarantee pure fun on routes that are other than "motorways".

Cornering is great and the sound of the engine, as in all Audi, is perceived barely but just step on the gas and satisfactions come even if the engine is well insulated in the hood.

In a few words this convertible car on the roads of the Como area looks more compact, agile and fast than what you might expect: Soul rating 10+!


This of course is our "selection" but we leave you the pleasure of a trip out of town with your car, your heart and your soul! Have a good trip!

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