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Art Of Living


The Ardbeg distillery boasts an unusual record: it  created the first whiskey aged for three years on the ISS.

It is a project created in collaboration with NASA to study how gravity affects the "maturation" of alcohol.
The whiskey was launched in 2011 with a restock cargo, in a container specifically designed for the mission which also contained particles of oak (to simulate the effect of the barrel) and remained in the station for 36 months.

"It is a small step for man, but a huge move for whiskey,” jokes the CEO of Ardberg, to paraphrase Armstrong’s famous phrase, and then says, more seriously: "We hope to find something  to revolutionize the whiskey production ".

In the end, with a little pride, he says: "Adberg is known for having created some of the most selected whiskeys in the world, so it is logical that this is also the producer of the first distilled spirit in space."

Although, as underlined by the people most attentive to details, at the moment the whiskey has not yet been distilled in space, but only aged. It however and certainly remains a unique whiskey.

The whiskey of the Scottish Ardbeg Distillery, which remained in orbit for 1000 days between 2011 and 2014, to then return successfully to Earth, is, as far as we know, still under analysis.

We must, therefore, still wait to taste this “spacial” distilled spirit.

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