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The most expensive and prestigious rums in the world belong to the most prestigious brands that produce this rough brandy obtained from the distillation of sugar cane.

The rums can be divided into: white rum (aged for a year), amber rum (aged at least four years) and dark rum (aged for twelve years and over).

The industrial rums are those derived from the distillation of molasses, while the Registered Designation of Origin is attributed only to agricultural rum, where the juice extracted from the cane directly undergoes fermentation without producing sugar.

Let's then see the list of the most expensive rums in the world.

The origins of Havana Club date back to 1878, when its founder José Arechabala opened the distillery "La Vizcaya" in Cardenas on the island of Cuba.

The Company presented their latest "Ultra-premium" which is a mixture of different brands of different ages and sold in a crystal decanter.

It is produced in limited edition (1,000 bottles) whose price per bottle is $ 1,700.

Four bottles of rum of 1915, re-bottled in 1940 at a cost of $ 26 000 each, make it one of the world's most expensive liquors, produced by the Company creator of today's Captain Morgan, that in 1930 had to abandon the traditional method of making rum to keep up with 1930’s "Mai Tai-mania" [Mai Tai: magazineGHVS / 34 / un_vodka-martini_agitato.html].

The British Navy has jealously guarded the recipe of its Jamaican rum for hundreds of years, until 1970, when it was served by the Crown for the last time, on the occasion of Prince Andrew’s wedding.

The bottles of the precious rum are now on sale at the price of $ 3,000 each.

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of Trinidad & Tobago in 2012, Angostura proposed the exclusive Limited Edition, Legacy by Angostura.

Only 20 bottles of 500 ml with an estimated value of $ 25,000, enclosed in an exclusive package with cap and decanter made by Asprey of London, jeweler of the Prince of Wales, the result of over 56 hours of work, completed by ten different master craftsmen.

A curiosity: Christie's auctioned a case of rum dating back to 1780 for $ 128,000; the case was found intact in the cellars of the majestic Harewood House in Leeds, which makes it the oldest and most expensive rum in the history of auctions.

The liquor seems to have been distilled in Barbados and comes from one of the 47 plantations worked by thousands of slaves where Edward Lascelles, the first Earl of Harewood, distilled rum.

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