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Food And Wine


Sparkling wine, Prosecco or Champagne? The eternal challenge with a barrage of perlage……

If you are a fan of "bubbles" you are surely aware of the wide choice on the market.

Sparkling wine, Prosecco or Champagne, although often combined, are very different products, rather, are just these differences that make the three of them the wonderful result of human intelligence.

The main differences are related to grape varieties, namely to the grapes used for wine-making: products of different territories, different soils, different altitudes that give different fruits with a very distinct taste.

Another clear difference determines the method used for the production.

Two of all: the Traditional method (also called Champenoise) that is used for example for the Champagne and the Charmat Method, or Martinotti, that is used for Prosecco converted into sparkling wine.

In the former the sparkling process directly takes place in the bottle (with the addition of liqueur de tirage, namely pure white wine, brandy and sucrose); in the latter, the sparkling process takes place in tanks.

Here is a small classification of sparkling wines to drink to a happy event in the family or with friends.

They are all Italian and they all have their distinctive traits, being produced following a common denominator: excellence.

Divinity is the new brand of sparkling wine "Made in Franciacorta", that recently launched its flagship product: the Golden Vintage, vintage from the best grapes of 2007/2008.

The Golden Vintage Brut is a Franciacorta wine produced in very limited series with the best vintage grapes: just a few thousand bottles available per year worldwide.

The packaging of this sparkling wine is prestigious: glass and gold foil bottles, with direct silk-screen printing of the front label.

Giulio Ferrari Collection, produced by Cantine Ferrari (TN). Very few vintages, only the best; and a long aging on yeasts.

This sparkling wine comes from the desire to defy time, nature and myth.

Aroma: The bouquet is extraordinarily intense, rich and complex; yeast perceptions are accompanied by hints of tropical fruit and floral notes, evolving towards spicy fragrances and citrus brush strokes, with sensations of dried fruit, acacia honey, white chocolate and incense. An aromatic symphony characterized by a strong minerality.

Arunda M. Reiterer Südtiroler Sekt Brut Balthazar Traditional Method, with its particularly rich and persistent perlage and a bright straw yellow color with greenish hues, the ARUNDA Brut is characterized by a rich and fragrant fruity bouquet that recalls the grapes from which it is born, enriched by delicate notes of yeast. Produced by Arunda Sektkellerei.


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