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The most cheerful and colorful event of the year has officially begun.

Among the sacrilegious satire of floats and masquerades, here are the five cities that will stage the most famous Carnival celebrations in Italy.


5° The Carnival of Cento

Twinned with the most beautiful Carnival of the world (the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro), it is characterized by allegorical floats that are more than 20 meters high!

But the real characteristic is the tradition of the “ revenue”, which has little or nothing to do with the tax system, but instead consists of crowd artists who are above moving cars and launch objects and gadgets like balloons, stuffed animals etc.

The mask of the Carnival of Cento is "Tasi", character from the nineteenth century, lover of good wine.

Among the most important events:

The Parade and the floats, with the "gettito"; the "Blaze of Tasi", who after having started the Parades dressed in frac and accompanied by the fox, is set to fire on the last day.


4° The Ambrosian Carnival of Milan

The Ambrosian Carnival is quite original , since it begins when all other Carnivals end!
The Fat Tuesday indeed doesn’t sanction the end of the Carnival, that is postponed of a week.
This because on one occasion (just at the time of Saint Ambrogio) before starting the Lenten rites people waited for the Bishop of Milan to return from a pilgrimage.

The mask of the Carnival of Milan is Meneghino.

Among the most important events:

Parade in Duomo Square.


3° The Carnival of Viareggio

Among the most ancient, famous and magnificent Carnivals of Italy, the Carnival of Viareggio is characterized by huge floats and a school of paper mache master makers consisting of over 25 companies with more than 1,000 workers!

More than floats they are real moving theaters.

.The mask of the Carnival of Viareggio is Burlamacco.

Among the most important events:

The Masked Parade, with a competition among the most magnificent floats, at the end of which the winner is proclaimed


2° The Carnival of Ivrea

We are in Piedmont, celebrating an absolutely original Carnival. Here it is commemorated the uprising of the people against the tyrant, rebellion fought ... to the sound of oranges!

Among the most important events:

Battle of the Oranges: during the Fat Tuesday the "orange throwers on foot", representing the people, drive out the "fighters" on horse-drawn floats that instead represent the Baron, who, in the Middle Ages claimed the jus prime noctis on the daughter of a miller who rebelled, triggering the insurrection;

The burning of the Scarlo, a bonfire in the square, where a large pole covered with dry heather is set to fire: this symbolizes the rejection of negativity and the regeneration of the ground in view of good harvests.


1° The Carnival of Venice

Maybe the most famous of Italy and among the most famous in the world, with ancient origins, the events organized justify its popularity and value.

In the most beautiful city of Italy boat parades take place among the romantic canals, masks that enliven Piazza San Marco, music and concerts in every corner of the city.

Among the most important events:

The Celebration of the Maries, a procession that recalls the tradition according to which the Doge of the Serenissima used to pay homage to twelve humble and beautiful maidens of Venice; The Flight of the Eagle from the bell tower of San Marco and the Flight of the Donkey from the tower of Mestre;

The Svolo del Leon, which ends the feasts of the Fat Tuesday, with the tribute of the Winged Lion of san Marco, symbol of Venice.


In every part of Italy you are just spoilt for choice, there’s nothing else to do than mask and choose the city with the celebration that conforms to our taste!!!

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