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Winter advances relentlessly, just some warm ray of sun suggests that the spring wants to gain the upper hand.

Then let’s help our body with a boost of energy, let’s entrust ourselves to the fruits that in the winter are always on everybody’s table: citrus fruits.

Nature helps the body detoxification and cleaning processes with a full of vitamins and mineral salts that can be easily absorbed by the body (such as beta carotene, vitamin C, zinc, selenium, manganese and magnesium, all antioxidants).

Made of an oval or round berry called hesperidium, the main citrus fruits are lemon, lime, orange, cedar, bergamot, mandarin and its hybrids (eg clementine and mapo), grapefruit and bitter orange.

Many creams, scrubs and cosmetics oils are enriched with citrus fruit extracts recognized for their astringent and detoxifying properties.

Citrus fruit Juices enhance the immune system, are a healthy source of energy, have anti-stress properties and play an important role in many slimming and anti-swelling diets.

Lemon restores firmness to the body, the orange juice gives sprint to metabolism, grapefruit cleanses and promotes digestion.

Finally, it is better to prefer organic food because, unfortunately, citrus fruits are often treated with pesticides and chemicals.

If you try to eat at leat two or three citrus fruits a day throughout the winter, certainly in the spring you will easily assess their benefits.

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