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Art Of Living


If it is true that everything is allowed because wedding is a very personal event, it is also true that every year there are some trends that are imposed on the market.
TV programs, sector magazines and wedding planners launch some trends that tend to become real catchy.

Also for 2016 we have then a trendy color palette that actually offers several ideas ready to pander to the tastes of every married couple.

For spring the best color is not just one, but the union of two different tones: quarze rose and serenity.

Two extremely delicate pastel colors, light pink and powder blue. They can be easily combined with other shades, from the lightest to the darkest tones.

Both colors are suitable for a spring or summer event; romantic and elegant tones that, as the name suggests, infuse calm and serenity.

For the summer, Coral is definitely one of the most beloved tones, it is a warm color that goes well with many typical wedding nuances like Cream and White; there is also a variety of flowers that make the combinations easy.

Still very much appreciated is Tiffany that is reconfirmed among the favorite tones of summer brides.

For autumn are perfect all the green nuances, especially for those who want to get married outdoors or in environments in contact with nature; it is a wonderful shade to be uses as opposed to another nuance such as White to recall a romantic and bucolic atmosphere.

For winter are reconfirmed as trendy all the shades reminiscent of snow and Christmas decorations, then go ahead to Platinum, White, Silver, Gold, Blue and Red that best suit for a winter event.

If it is true that color, perhaps this year more than ever, will conquer the wedding planning scenes, it is also true that sobriety will be the must.

The colors, well-matched to the classic white, finally, give a retro and vintage touch... one of the most popular wedding trends.

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