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Vintage: a word that has been on the top of the world for many seasons because fashion is cyclical and every season that passes we see great designers revisiting and reviving the great classics that have made the history of fashion.

By the term vintage we define the quality and value of an item worn or produced at least twenty years before the present time. Clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories... you can really find everything.

Go ahead then with imagination, mixing, finding and matching the most unusual items of clothing that will convey an emotion and will make us feel good and that, above all, will be fashionable!

For spring 2016 the must is to have fun with vintage, an item of clothing found in the loft, a coat of the 70s, maybe some shoes of the 60s and surely many accessories of the 50s.

Let’s see what are the vintage “ 10 must have” for the next season:

  1. The poncho of the 70s
    It is for everyone, in ultra-chic or new hippie version, you are just spoilt for choice.

  2. The hippie necklace
    Very long and rich in beads or with the very popular icon “peace and love”.

  3. The jeans at the ankle
    High waist and straight leg that is tightened at the ankle, as the Levi's 501 of the 80s and 90s.

  4. Quilted Chanel bag with logo and chain shoulder strap
    Wonderful and timeless, it confers style and elegance to any outfit.

  5. Circle skirt – nude
    To feel like Brigitte Bardot in “Voulez Vous Danser Avec Moi” , popular movie of the 1959.

  6. Colored espadrillas
    Very fashionable in the USA since the 40s, they were re-launched on the market in the 1980, thanks to the successful Miami Vice.

  7. “Cat-eye” sunglasses
    There is no diva who has not worn them, from Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn, the cat eye shaped glasses have really made history.

  8. The maxi- sweater of the 80s
    You can choose among needlecord, polka dot or fluo- color; it just has to hang down the shoulder.

  9. Rockabilly of the 50s
    To meet every woman’s pin-up ambitions, this dress will be great for all physiques.

  10. Clutch with drawings or writings
    Bright colors, writings or art drawings, this bag was first launched on the market in the early '20s and was beloved by the flapper girls. It therefore remains an essential accessory to go wild on the dance floor.

Sofia Vintage (CO), Humana Vintage (MI), Cavalli e Nastri (MI), Boutique Cécile (VR) and Vintage a Go Go (VE) are just some of the shops where you can buy clothes and accessories to give life to really unique outfits.

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