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Art Of Living


Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the desire to deck out our homes using the latest colour trends. This is not always a straightforward endeavour, given that we must take into account the existing décor and choose those colours that fit the home best, while at the same time trying to freshen up the atmosphere and welcome guests in a setting which appears totally reinvigorated and new.

The Christmas tree is once again the main decorative item for the 2016 festive season.

Creating a beautiful Christmas tree is no longer the dream of children only, but has become an obsession for fashion victims who rack their brains during this period to find only the most chic of decorations and ornaments. If you want a truly glam Christmas tree, follow the latest fashion trends and bet on original colours, without forgetting of course to add a touch of class and good taste.

Rose gold, bronze and copper

Looking at the first Christmas window displays, it becomes immediately clear that metallic shades are set to dominate the festive period. And not only the classic silver and gold, but also other warmer and even quite feminine hues. Let’s start with rose gold, that most well-known of tones. This year’s trend sees it used in its most delicate and subtle shades with Christmas baubles, plates and candles all coming tinted in this most sophisticated way. Bronze and copper, meanwhile, are very similar tones and are not only used to colour a variety of creations but are also made into metal decorations.


Red is the Christmas colour par excellence. Having never gone out of style or declined in popularity, red is and always has been the undisputed star in our homes during the festive season. For Christmas baubles, figures, candles – well, for pretty much everything really, it is without doubt a shade which never goes out of fashion and can be perfectly combined with gold and white.

Wooden tones

Whilst not a clearly defined colour as such, wood is one of the must-haves of the 2016 Christmas season. The tones range from beige through a variety of chestnut brown hues to dark brown. The important thing is for it to be natural, although it can be painted, provided that it maintains its rustic properties. This colour range can be used to adorn your Christmas tree or lay a wonderful, eco-chic dinner table with decorations made of recycled wood.


A colour which stands for spirituality, purple might just be the most innovative shade for this Christmas. From the decorations on the tree all the way to the garland on the door, violet is a must for your home decoration this year. It can be combined with peacock blue and gold if you are after a more solemn atmosphere, or silver for a more playful feel. From aubergine to wisteria, purple is the colour which can give your home a highly original touch, truly lifting the traditional Christmas decorations.

White and glass

White is obviously one of the classic Christmas colours; however, this year it also comes accompanied by glass or crystal. Transparent decorations are beautiful to look at and give your home that much-desired unique quality. They are perfect for the tree itself, and while they should be combined with stronger colour tones (such as those mentioned above), they are also suitable for decorating furniture or the Christmas dinner table. White, on the other hand, with its purity, undoubtedly evokes the snow.


Clearly, the colour combinations that can be achieved are endless, yet what will really set off your Christmas colour scheme are the lights.

A strategic use of Christmas lights will make the atmosphere even more magical and allow the shades used for the decorations to shine in all their splendour.

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