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The first place in the world where people will raise a glass to the New Year will be the Island of Kiritimati, a remote piece of land in the Pacific at the meridian of 180° and where the International Date Line is drawn, meaning that if you jump from one side of this imaginary line to the other, you can go from today to tomorrow in the blink of an eye.

Next up is New Zealand, then Sydney’s Harbour Bridge, the Chuuk villages and Tokyo’s skyscrapers. Onwards and downwards we go, to the Philippines, the wonderful Jakarta, India, the Maldives, and then, Dubai.

When our clocks show 9:30 pm, it will be the turn of Teheran, the capital of Iraq. In Moscow, the corks will come off the champagne bottles a full two hours before they do so in Italy, at 10 am our time.

Next up are Italy, London, and the Green Islands. The capital of Nova Scotia, meanwhile, is the first city in Canada to welcome in the new year.

Then celebrations will get under way in Rio de Janeiro, New York, Vancouver and the Gambier Islands.

The last stop on our New Year’s tour will be to the South Pacific and to the Islands of Samoa. In this remote paradise, fireworks will be launched into the air when, in the rest of the world, midnight has long since passed and it is now time to deal with the hangover of the “morning after”.


We are of course talking about the night of the 31st of December, a decadent and unforgettable date. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the different parts of the globe.

In Thailand, midnight ushers in the Full Moon New Year’s Eve Party and all over this precious island, people will contemplate the Moon and dance on beaches from dusk till dawn.


At Rio de Janeiro the dancing will be to the tune of samba, with revellers completely dressed in white for the White Party of Copacabana.

Especially tireless party-goers will most likely last even until midnight of the 1st of January at the legendary clubs of Amnesia, Pacha and Priviledge on the island of Ibiza - and at Space, even until the 2nd of January.

In the Piazza San Marco in Venice, it is the time to put on fancy dress and the traditional masks, and immerse yourself in music, dance and fireworks for a New Year’s Eve with Love.

In Goa, revellers will hit the beaches, where all sorts of sitar, tabla and shenhai concerts will take place.

In Estonia, the locals will literally stuff their bellies with up to seven dinners, in order to start the New Year with the force of seven men, and in the Philippines, to comply with local customs you’ll have to eat 12 different types of fruit, one for each month. There, the kids compete to see who can jump the highest - legend has it that the height they reach shows how tall they will become in the following year.


In Berlin, despite the freezing cold, the habit is to jump completely naked into the Sprea river, after having raised a toast to the New Year in the square.

In Ecuador, to say good-bye to the Viejo Año, dummies with the faces of politicians and unpopular characters are paraded and set alight come midnight.

And in New Zealand, all along the coast people will drink to the New Year in their boats.

Elsewhere, the 12 bell tolls of midnight open the doors of Russian homes to let in the new year, where Grandfather Frost (Santa Claus) is expected to bring presents to the children, while the 12 strikes of the Japanese gong are listened to solemnly while sipping Sakè in the temples.

Another must-visit is New Year’s Eve on the world’s most brightly-lit square, Times Square. We’re talking about New York, of course, where in order to secure a good spot on the square you’ll have to arrive as early as the morning of the 31st. Alternatively, along Brooklyn Bridge visitors can take in a stunning 360° fireworks extravaganza.

In Iceland, the city of Reykjavik boasts the longest night in the world: no less than 20 hours of darkness to get ready for the New Year feast. The island’s inhabitants set up bonfires called brenna in the street followed by drinking and dancing until five in the morning.


Each country has their own customs and traditions, and throughout the world’s cities, there are some truly must-see events to be witnessed on this special date.

Our recommendation is to spend this unique night the best way possible, with family and friends, including the four-legged variety, surrounded by sparkling wine and fireworks.

And if you are still undecided about what you are going to do, don’t worry, sometimes the most unforgettable nights are those which are sparked by some last-minute inspiration!

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