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What better way to recharge your batteries than indulging in exclusive spa treatments? A relaxing break involving massages, scrubs, peels, wraps and full packages: Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni's Beauty Farm know how to pamper their guests and take care of them, making their stay all the more enjoyable; however, it is also open to all those who wish to indulge in a few hours of relaxation in the style of beauty rituals, with no need to stay at the hotel.

Those wishing to devote time to their well-being will be able to choose from the many treatments and programmes offered, which range from a 60-minute massage to a complete and relaxing long weekend enjoying deep relaxation, so that you can face the week ahead with wellness which will surely help you forget about stress and recover all your vitality.

The more sporting types among you can join in with the Pilates sessions, or take advantage of the gym at the hotel's fitness centre.

Guests can rely on the expert hands of the professionals who work with passion and dedication at the spa, and will be able to choose from the countless services on offer: anti-stress massages, regenerating treatments, draining massages, basic aesthetic treatments and special wellness treatments involving the face, the body, hands and feet in a single deep massage... These treatments are designed to appeal to everyone’s needs and tastes, but if you are looking for a truly exclusive treatment at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Beauty Farm, you can enjoy one of these treatments:

Myox deluxe caviar: Exclusive face and hands treatment with caviar extract, collagen and shea butter. The most powerful botanical and marine anti-ageing ingredients, for immediate and visible effects against the signs of ageing that will last about 90 minutes.

Candles and champagne: The intense fragrances that emerge during the melting of the candle used for the massage, along with the warm and soft light, will give you a pleasant and deep sensation of well-being. After the massage you can relax while sipping a flute of champagne together. The treatment will last about 60 minutes.

The pride of the well-being centre is definitely the Jet Leg treatment, a relaxing and regenerating massage designed to restore circulation in the area of the legs and let deep relaxation sink into the eyes and the head. As well as focusing on the legs and the head, the jet-leg massage releases tight muscles, which in turn restores your energy so you can enjoy the rest of your holiday feeling at your best.

Thanks to this marvellous treatment, the unpleasant feeling of exhaustion that you feel after a long flight will be cancelled out.

Choosing to spend your holiday at Villa Serbelloni and in the Beauty Sensation SPA is always a unique opportunity to find yourself and start over with an all-new awareness.

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