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Precious stones have fascinated since ancient times necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings have adorned women and men for thousands of years. Overshadowing them all, however, there are some exclusive jewels, the most expensive, that are a symbol of love or engagement. The rarity of embellished stones and their sophisticated design make them accessories that command the highest prices in the world.

The most expensive items of jewellery in the world are truly works of art, unique for their beauty, their power of fascination and consequently their value.

A ring by Bulgari created in the 1970s with a white and a blue diamond mounted on a gold band with other embedded diamonds. This ring was first acquired for 1 million dollars as a gift for the wife of a European collector, but is currently estimated to be worth 15.7 million.

The largest “perfect” diamond, called The Incomparable is the one that was apparently found by a young girl in 1980 in the Congo. The stone is measured at 407.48 carats and is mounted with 230 smaller diamonds on a necklace made by Mouawad, the exclusive luxury jewellery house in Dubai. The price? Just 55 million dollars, with the privilege of being the most valuable necklace in the world!

Among the world’s most valuable jewellery we must not omit a diamond brooch made in 1912 by Cartier of Paris and worth 17.6 million dollars. They gave her the name Belle Epoque Diamond Devant-De-Corsage Brooch by Cartier and it is a wonderful piece of jewellery, comprising 3 diamonds larger than 34, 23.55 and 6.5 carats in addition to other smaller diamonds.

Pink diamonds are very rare, even rarer if their colour is pure and they exceed 0.20 carats, given that the experts estimate that only 10% of them are larger than this.

For all these reasons, among the most valuable jewels in the world is the Graff Pink, a marvellous ring with a 24.78 carat pink diamond, which once belonged to the famous jeweller Harry Winston and was sold by Sothebys in 2010 for 46.2 million dollars. What makes it so special? A very rare colour and one of the largest ever found!

Marvellous creations with sapphires such as the breath-taking necklace Blue Belle of Asia whose central stone is the fourth largest sapphire in history of 392.5 carats. This super-jewel was sold at auction by Christie’s in 2014 for 17.3 million dollars.

Another dream necklace is the Heart of the Ocean made by Harry Winston inspired by the jewel of the same name in the film ‘Titanic’ in which the Coeur de la Mer necklace is swallowed by the ocean. The necklace’s heart is a 15 carat blue sapphire valued at 17 million dollars!

In second place in the rankings we find the Chopard Watch, 201 carats made with 874 diamonds, the largest of which weighs 15 carats. Even more dumbfounding is the mechanism which allows the three largest diamonds to move to reveal the dial of the watch. This watch should not come as a surprise, in fact, since Chopard is famous for its elite products.

Which brings us to…First Place. The most valuable diamond. The most expensive gem in the world! The story of this sky-blue stone is not yet over. It is said that it was discovered in the Indian kingdom of Golconda, where the diamond was bought by the Spanish King Phillip IV for his daughter’s dowry. Later, the diamond appeared at Habsburg with a family in Wittelsbach. This gem weighs in at 35.36 carats and was set in the Austrian and Bavarian crowns. In 2008, the London jeweller Laurence Graff bought the gem and began to modify it. Graff removed about 4.5 carats of the blue diamond so that its purity and value increased. In 2011 Graff sold the Wittelsbach diamond to a member of the Qatari royal family for 80 million dollars.

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