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If yesterday it was a habit, today it is a need. Feeling comfortable with ourselves, in a society which has legitimized the value of appearance, is considered a detail of well-being. It is a feeling that should be protected by tying beauty to harmony.

The need to have an attractive appearance responds to our innate need to love and take care of ourselves, because beauty is a sort of “umbilical cord” that feeds us and binds us to life.That’s why it is just in difficult times that we often want to show ourselves in the best way, and we use aesthetic pleasure and outward appearance  to convey harmony and care.



On this basis, you should avoid plastic surgery makeovers, that impact unnaturally on your face and unbalance its proportions.Too voluminous lips, pillow cheeks, overdone eyebrows resembling seagull wings and static looks do not contribute to aesthetic improvement, rather, they remove that halo of naturalness that is an essential component of youth.

That’s why in the Beauty Farm of Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni  we use harmony as a criterion in the choice of treatmentsIt is assumed that every human being is unique, so each massage, each technique is tailored to the characteristics of the guest, choosing the manual skill able to rebalance body and emotions.

All treatments are inspired by the same philosophy: true well-being can be born only when energy flows freely, creating harmony between body and mind. Even a short stay can help you to discover this delicate balance and to reactivate the innate resilience that is within us, in our unconscious and in our cells.

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