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Art Of Living

100 years old and feeling good

When you decide to stay in a hotel, it is inevitable that during your stay the place starts to feel a bit like our second home.

Tales of life, loves, quarrels and new friends: the corridors, rooms and halls of a hotel become the silent and attentive spectators of the emotions of thousands of people...

This year, The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni blows out its first one hundred candles and at the helm of this, one of the world's most prestigious hotels, we find the Bucher family.

In 1918, Swiss businessman Arturo Bucher bought an elegant hotel in a small village on the shore of Lake Como: Bellagio. In 2018, the current owner Gianfranco Bucher, successor to Arturo and Rudy, will take great satisfaction in celebrating the family’s 100 years and three generations in charge of the hotel.

A little bit of history directly from the website

The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio has been one of the world’s best known and most prestigious hotels for over a hundred years. Nestled against the stunning surroundings of Lake Como, where the blue of the water blends into the green of the mountains that crown it, the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni enjoys a breathtaking position on the promontory that juts halfway out into the lake, separating it into two branches.

With its pure neoclassical style, the villa was sold in 1872, subsequently opened in 1873, and since then has formed the core of the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni. Inside, the hotel displays the fine taste much loved by the wealthy nobility of the time: its walls and vaults are adorned by frescoes and paintings of mythological scenes, gilded frames, festoons, tempietti, cherubs, flamingos, Pompeian reds. The coffered ceilings are often frescoed with floral motifs in grey and pink tones. Guests are treated to the spectacular sight of vintage French-style tapestries, antique Persian rugs, Murano glass chandeliers, furnishings in the Empire, neoclassical and Liberty styles, not to mention the marble staircases, the stucco columns, and the splendid trompe l'oeil...

The ‘salle à manger’ alone is an authentic artistic monument: it is a royal hall, illuminated in the evening by bronze and crystal chandeliers, the splendour of whose light is reflected in large mirrors. From the very outset, the Grand Hotel became the destination of choice for distinguished guests in search of tranquillity: royalty, aristocrats, leading international politicians and, more recently, movie stars.

The sovereigns of Spain, Romania, Albania, Egypt; the aristocracy, especially that of Russia and England; Sir Winston Churchill, Roosevelt, the Rothschilds, JF Kennedy; Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Maria Schell, Clark Gable, Robert Mitchum, Al Pacino... these are just some of the prestigious guests who have strolled through the rooms and lakeside gardens of the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, enjoying its beauty and exceptional hospitality.

To celebrate its centenary with all hotel guests, the Bucher family is offering a special celebratory package which covers all types of rooms, from a single to the most prestigious suite:

  • - 3 nights with buffet breakfast
  • - Welcome drink
  • - Flowers and fruit in the room
  • - A centenary dinner at the Mistral Restaurant (drinks not included)
  • - A dinner at La Goletta Restaurant (drinks not included), a one-hour boat trip (weather permitting) on a private motorboat with sparkling wine on board, and transfer to the Locanda dell'Isola Comacina for a romantic dinner
  • - Admission to the Villa Melzi gardens
  • - A spa treatment

To book a package, contact the booking office directly or simply visit the website

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